Wood Use Smoking Chart

Alder — the wood of choice for Pacific salmon, but also good for most seafood, pork, poultry, and other white meats, because of its light and sweet flavor.

Apple — light and fruity, and works well for the same foods as alder, except for swordfish.

Cherry — also a mild and fruity wood, suited to almost everything from beef to chicken and pork to salmon, but again, not swordfish.

Grapevine — described as tart, and good with poultry, red meats, and wild game, but not lamb or fish.

Hickory — tends to impart a stronger flavor, and is better suited to red meat and game.

Maple — sweet and mild, good for pork and poultry; less popular for fish.

Mesquite — a strong wood, also described as sweet, particularly good for red and dark meats. Not so good for lamb, and imparts a bitter taste to swordfish.

Mountain mahogany— hard to come by, but mild and well-suited to poultry, beef and salmon.

Oak — for many, the wood of choice for beef, but also good for any full-flavor meat, including mutton and wild game.

Pecan — another mid-range wood, with more flavor than the fruit trees, but less than hickory and mesquite. Good for white meats

ALMOND: - Nutty and sweet smoke flavor, light ash All Meats

APRICOT: - Milder and sweeter than Hickory Great on White or Pink meats; Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Fish

PEACH: OUR MOST POPULAR WOOD!! Slightly sweet, woodsy flavor, milder and sweeter than Hickory. All Meats, Great on White and Pink Meats; Especially Chicken, Turkey, Pork, and Fish.

PEAR: lightly sweet,woodsy flavor. Poultry, Game Birds, Pork.

PLUM: Milder and Sweeter tan Hickory Great on White or Pink Meats, Especially Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Fish


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