Turkey suggestions: WOOD: Peach & Sugar Maple combo, Grape, or Apple. Don't forget BRINER, Brine, Rub (Golden Toad Prime Steak), or Injection. We have them all & FREE SHIPPING w/wood purchase.

PEACH Chips, Chunks & Splits
 APPLE Chips, Chunks, or Splits
SWEET CHERRY  Chips, Chunks, & Splits
PLUM Chips, Chunks & Splits
FRUITA ORIGINAL......Apple Peach & Cherry
SUGAR MAPLE  Chips, Chunks, & Splits
ALDER Chips, Chunks, & Splits.
PECAN Chips, Chunks & Splits
HICKORY Chips, Chunks, & Splits
Texas Post Oak Chips, Chunks & Splits
U__PICK__'EM  (NO Bourbon, or Mesquite)
30 and 45 lb  Boxes  (No Mixing or Bourbon Wood)
WHOLESALE LOTS (Chips, Chunks, or Splits)
Fruita Wood CHIPS (Medium or Coarse) 10lbs or about 1 cu. ft.
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About Our Quality Products


We will add 3 lbs to 15lb boxes or add 5 lbs to 30 or 50 lb boxes if it ships to a commercial address. Single variety boxes only, U'pick'em option not included *** Rates are cheaper to Commercial addresses. We save money on shipping costs and we would like to share these savings with you. THAT'S THE WAY WE ROLL!!! So if you can have your order shipped to your work, your spouses work or a friends work use that address instead. When we fill out the shipping label and it notifies us of a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS we will automatically add the FREE WOOD to your box. (BOURBON BARREL WOOD, and U Pick'em option EXCLUDED FROM THIS OFFER) Its a WIN WIN situation. NOTE: FedEx only considers addresses in commercial or retail zoned area as A COMMERCIAL ADDRESS. Residences, or Businesses ran out of a residence NOT considered commercial.

NOTE: Free wood will be of the same variety you ordered. You cannot choose and alternate wood. We reserve the right to choose the variety of FREE wood in your order.

(***Offer EXCLUDES single purchases of ANY 10 lb box, and/or 15lb boxes shipped VIA USPS Priority Mail. In some situations it may be less expensive to ship VIA USPS Priority Mail. In this situation we reserve the right to ship VIA the less expensive carrier. Multiple box purchases will be combined and shipped via FedEx.)Promotions, orders with discount codes, and contest coupons are not eligible. BOURBON BARREL WOOD NOT INCLUDED.

Why Choose Fruita Wood Chunks???

Because we care about the quality of ALL our products.

ALL our wood is stored inside a climate controlled warehouse. Other companies store their wood outside subjecting them to the elements. This includes wind blown dirt, insects, bird and animal feces, or other debris accumulating in the bark. This can be what causes the bitterness associated with the bark.

Our humidity levels as well as the temps are maintained to preserve the natural moisture in the fruit woods. The Bourbon Barrel wood benefits from this tremendously. The Barrels came to us "Just back from the Distillery". The staves still mark the moisture penetration of its previous contents. The smell is intoxicating!! The conditions will preserve them.


We believe in giving back to the community and the BBQ World....

In 2013 We donated a half cord of wood to Operation BBQ Relief to assist their efforts in the Longmont, Colorado floods

July 2013 smoked and donated 20 pork shoulders to the Fruita Little League State Champions. They used these Pork Shoulders to generate nearly $1400.00 in sales. (in 4 hrs) These funds helped them pay for expenses associated with getting them to the Regional Playoffs in Waco, TX.

In May 2013 we donated $500.00 CASH to the Moore OK. tornado victims thou Operation BBQ Relief.

We Sponsor 14 Kids Q BBQ competitions across the country. We supply each child with a t-shirt and $25.00 gift certificates for our website. The winners receive $100.00 and $50.00 VISA Gift Cards.

We have sponsored over 20 different BBQ Competitions team across the country since 2011.


Fruita Wood Chunks is helping some great teams WIN... HUGE.... Competitions.....

Here's the Proof....





Every weekend, somewhere, a team using Fruita Wood Chunks is cashing in on our quality, with category Wins and calls.

If you have trouble navigating or using our website

PLEASE CALL US. (970-242-3942) We can answer all your questions AND place your order over the phone.

We LOVE Special Orders and Requests...We are just a phone call away. We almost always say YES!!

ABOUT OUR WOOD: ________________

Some companies will remove the bark to hide the age of the wood. Wood that has been sitting around for months even years will collect dirt, bugs, cobwebs, and other debris in the bark. Not only will the the debris build up alter your flavor, but so will the age of your wood.

If you want the bark removed, just ask. We will be happy to do it for you.


Our wood doesn't get that opportunity to dry out and collect debris. We have fresh wood that has been stored properly. This ELIMINATES the possibility of any dirt, bugs, cobwebs and other debris from altering your flavor profile.

We will remove the bark from any of our products upon request, and at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. We feel that most varieties don't need the bark removed due to the freshness of the wood.

Occasionally, we will run into some wood that has dirt, mud or other debris which was brought in from transportation. We actually take the time to pressure wash this wood to remove any of the impurities that may have been deposited during transit to our facility.

You spend good money on great pieces of meat, great spices to make rubs, and thousands of dollars on state of the art smokers.

Why waste all this on old dried out wood that wont provide the flavor. Wood is an ingredient too.

We offer wood in the following sizes in ALL varieties:

CHUNKS - Approx 2 1/2"-3" thick by 2 1/2" - 3 1/2" across.

MINI-SPLITS - 5 1/2" - 6" long and are about 2 1/2" - 4" across. (equal to 2 chunks)

SPLITS - These are 12" long and 2 1/2-4" across. Only available in 30 & 50 lb Boxes & 500 lb Wholesale Lot.

500lb Wholesale Lots Shipped FedEx or Old Dominion Freight 5 day delivery time.

Sizes are approximate and will vary slightly depending on variety of wood.


Why we sell by weight and not volume..

Simple, moisture content determines how much smoke you will get from the wood. (this is why kiln dried bagged woods tell you to soak prior to using. Something you will NEVER have to do with our wood.) When the wood is at its freshest, it will be heavier, and you will need to use less wood. As it naturally dries out you will need more wood to continue to get that same flavor. Therefore, as the wood get lighter you will be receiving more to make up for the lost moisture and need to add more. Be assured that once our wood gets below a certain moisture percentage, we will no longer sell it. It becomes firewood.

Moisture readings are taken regularly, and only the wood within our Moisture Percentage Requirements are shipped.

BEWARE of *DEPOT and *Mart Stores bagged woods. These packages have been sitting in hot warehouses for months at a time drying out. They have NO VALUABLE MOISTURE AND NATURAL SUGAR CONTENT. This moisture gives the true flavor to your meat.

Our boxes are hand package which allow us to inspect each piece for any bugs, or blemishes that could jeopardize the flavor of the meat you are going to smoke.

Wonder why most Depot and Mart packaged woods are in sealed plastic bags? Its because these packages of wood contain NO moisture. If they did the wood will mold while sitting in these bags. Our woods are shipped in boxes which allow them to breath. We offer a free MESH bag to store them in just for asking for one. We also recommend you store your wood in a cool damp place. Especially our Peach and Apricot wood. Our wood is shipped at its premium state of flavor. Keeping the wood in a refrigerator or in a cool basement will help preserve this premium state.

Once you try our woods you will never buy from a *DEPOT or you local *Mart Super Centers again.



Get a free bag with your order just by asking. We will send ONE unprinted 12x20 mesh storage bag with every 15lbs of wood purchased. All you have to do is ask. Just type FREE BAG in the comments section while checking out and its all yours.


Fruita Wood Chunks are cured naturally, NEVER kiln dried. The kiln dry process removes ALL the moisture from the wood. This is counter productive to achieving a good smoke flavor. You can achieve the flavor with kiln dried wood, but it takes more than TWICE as much as Fruita Wood Chunks naturally cured wood.


Our wood is kept in log form from the day it is harvested until the day you order. The lengths are usually 20-24" long and are anywhere from 3" to 6" in diameter. This helps retain moisture until the time it is cut for each individual order.

Every order is cut to your specified size, packed, and shipped the same day*. This will give you the FRESHEST wood available on the market.


Fruita Wood Chunks aging process is kept secret to keep our advantage above our competition. Our wood is NEVER precut, boxed and left sitting on a shelf, in a stolen shopping cart, or warehouse waiting to be ordered. This only causes the wood to dry out and loose valuable flavor. Fruita Woods WILL NOT burn up in 5-10 minutes like bagged *Depot or *Mart purchased wood.



DO NOT !!!! soak our wood in water. There is enough moisture in our wood to allow for extended smoking period. Soaking in water will only create a sooty smoke making your meats bitter and less desirable to the judges.


We recommend only using 2-3 chunks, or 1-2 Mini Splits at a time, depending on your cooker/smoker. This minimal amount will give you about 20-30 minutes of smoke time. Too much smoke and your meat will become bitter and sooty. You can adjust this according to your smoker size, and the amount and type of meat you are smoking. Only add more wood when the chunks/split become white and start to fall apart. By doing this you will achieve a better flavor, and your Fruita Wood Chunks will last longer.


Fruita Wood Chunks are used only to flavor your food, NOT TO COOK WITH!!!

Use Lump Coal (Royal Oak, Wicked Good, Kebroak) for cooking to achieve better results.



Fruita Wood Chunks is just what our name says. FRUIT WOOD CHUNKS, from the heart of Colorado's Fruit Basket. The orchards we get our products from are just down the road at the base of the worlds largest flat top mountain, The Grand Mesa. "The Mesa" is over 10,000 feet in elevation, and stands majestically 6000 feet above the Grand Valley. The Grand valleys warm days and cool nights make the area perfect for growing world famous Peaches, Apples, Cherries, Apricots, Pears, Plums and Wine Grapes. The fertile soil, clean air, and fresh Rocky Mountain water, all contribute to the purity of our natural products. Try our wood and see why our customers keep coming back for more.


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